My name is Karen and I live in Los Angeles. I love this city. It rocks! It’s awesome! It’s got its quirky sides.

What? You think nobody walks in L.A.? Well, I do. I walk and walk and walk. Sometimes 2 miles. Sometimes 12.

What? You think you need to stand in line and pay to get into a museum to see art? You don’t. Check out the Street Art – Los Angeles has plenty of it.

Walking and Street Art, I’m into them both. So come join me as I walk through L.A. and track down the art and artists to watch how the color and landscape of the walls of the the City changes sometimes day to day.

For those of you who are no where close to Los Angeles, I hope the stories inspire you to come on out sometime, or, at least, to get out and explore your own city – the quirky sides, of course. 

If I’m lucky, I may soon be in a city near you to walk and explore and write about it. Crossing fingers!

Karen McD

2 thoughts on “ABOUT QUIRKY SIDES…

  1. Hi Karen! I came upon your blog through the Linky Party. I love the idea of quirky things to do in a city, and will be sure to explore if I’m in your part of the world. I also went on The Flip Side of the bikini – cool blog! Keep it up. Marina

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