I’m a Karen living in Los Angeles and I love this city.  It rocks! It’s awesome! It’s got its quirky sides.

Okay, yeah, over here we’ve got Disneyland, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Maps of the Stars and Rodeo Drive. It’s also home to surfers, actors, expensive cars and tummy tucks.

But there’s more. Lots, lots and lots more.

Have you heard of the Death Museum? the Nazi Camp? or checked out the street art around here?  Not only can we swim in the ocean, but we can ski in the mountains. And who says there’s no public transportation in L.A.? We have a subway, you know. You can ride that too.

And we have museums. We really, really do.

Did you know L.A. has some of the steepest streets in America? Steeper than San Francisco even. Have you hiked up one of them? I haven’t, but maybe I will.

As I explore the quirky sides of L.A., come by and read the stories I have to tell, what trouble I get into, or take note of some info I can let you in on to inspire you to get out and explore for yourselves.

For those of you who are no where close to Los Angeles, I hope the stories inspire you come on out sometime, or, at least, to get out and explore your own city – the quirky sides, of course. If I’m lucky, I may even be able to explore a city near you, and write about it.

Added tidbit: Walking is the best policy. 


for more fun stories visit me at Flipside of the Bikini

2 thoughts on “ABOUT QUIRKY SIDES…

  1. Hi Karen! I came upon your blog through the Linky Party. I love the idea of quirky things to do in a city, and will be sure to explore if I’m in your part of the world. I also went on The Flip Side of the bikini – cool blog! Keep it up. Marina

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