The BroadWhen I think of great museums I think NYC, London, Paris, even Rome sometimes. But who thinks of Los Angeles? Well, I don’t. Furthermore, when it comes to free museums, I wouldn’t place Los Angeles into that category either.

Until The Broad opened. September 20, 2015.

Pronounced “Brode” – long “o”.

Eli Broad. Ever since I moved to Los Angeles I’ve noticed this name dangling down the backdrop of all things L.A.

Los Angeles Schools: Can you help us out a little?

Broad: How much do you need?

Los Angeles Arts: We need a hand out. You can be on The Board if you want.

Broad: How much do you need?

Los Angeles: Can you build a museum, store your art, sustain the museum and let everyone in for free?

Broad: Sure, how much do you need?

Well, I don’t think it went quite like that. But you get the idea.

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